What do I do as an ambassador?

As an ambassador, you will be help with Young Humanitarians campaigns by conducting fundraisers, awareness events and spreading promotional materials at your school.

Note: Ambassadors are not responsible for starting any chapter or club at school.

What do I do as a club president?

As the head of a school branch, you will need to start a Young Humanitarian club at your school or community and be responsible for all its operations, including meetings, events, fundraisers and more.

Can I become a part of the internal team?

We are not currently looking for anyone for the internal team. However, we will update the website and Facebook page if we are hiring!

Primary, we do recruiting from experienced external team members as well.

How much time do I have to commit?

For ambassadors, you need to commit an average of 1-2 hours per week in order to keep up with the agenda and tasks.

For club presidents, you need to commit at least 5 hours per week to hold meetings or discuss plans.

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